February 28, 2007

Crime and Punishment

A few items on this governments attitude to crime from the last week. Labour wants to punish the innocent for the crimes of their family members. If the 'war on crime' where a real war this kind of collective punishment would be a war crime. No mention of going after the actual criminals of course.

Harassing the innocent is not limited to those that haven't been involved in violent crime either, law abiding motorists can expect to get stopped to make up police quotas as well. That is if there where the traffic patrols to do it, luckily the old policy of lining the roads with revenue robots and tracking systems instead of people (with the resultant impact on real safety) means that there probably aren't.

Even feeding your children too well is now something that can get them taken away from you. Unlike, for example, tying them up in a shit filled bin liner while you systematically abuse them to death because of your stupid superstition. Do that and nobody will try to stop you.

This is little lot is surely a graphic demonstration of Labour's attitude to crime and punishment. There does not have to be a crime to be a punishment, so long as it makes them look tough. However if there is a crime there is much less likely to be a punishment as actually securing it really is tough, unlike harassing the innocent.

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